Super Juice


Happy Belly

Until now, most probiotic drinks have been dairy-based. But to us, drinking something that’s come out of a cow is a bit weird.

That’s why we prefer to squash a load of fruit and drink their juices instead. You get all the goodness of fruit, all the benefits of friendly probiotics… and no squashed cows.

Available in: 350ml and 750ml


Berry Happy Belly

We often start the day with good intentions: paleo muesli, quinoa pancakes, croissant…ooops! Whatever it is that bungs you up, Berry Happy Belly can get things moving again – with its effective mix of fruit juices, prebiotic and probiotic it can help get you going in the morning!

Available in: 350ml and 750ml


Pom Grenade

Dear body, I’m so sorry – I’ve treated you so badly. Late nights, pies, chips… and when was the last time I took you out for a nice walk?

Please accept this Pom Grenade – my nutritionist tells me it is a good source of vitamin C which is an antioxidant, and it contains stuff called polyphenols. From now on, it’s all about the good stuff.
Yours sincerely, me.

Available in: 350ml and 750ml



You know how your other half is always nagging you to eat healthier. Well, this bottle of Superjuice is a small step in the right direction.

It’s got fruit, antioxidants, echinacea and a huge boost of vitamin C. It may not make you live longer, but it might just stop a bit of earache!

Available in: 750ml



It’s a hard road balancing life’s demands: work, family, sport, being healthy, walking the dog, the in-laws…

Stop stressing and drink some of this good stuff. It’s got fruit, vitamin C, antioxidants, wheatgrass, barley grass and fibre which are all known to help balance, well, everything really.

Available in: 350ml and 750ml


Jump Start

The kids jumped on the bed in the wee small hours, the cat left you a present on the carpet and you missed the bus. Not what you had planned today? You need a Jump Start.

With a whole lot of fruit plus caffeine and guarana to get you going, this is the good stuff you need right now.

Available in: 350ml and 750ml


Winter Warrior

It’s finally happened! You’ve had to swap your togs for your woolly jumper. The cold weather is sneaking up on us.

Go into battle this winter – combat the general household misery with Winter Warrior. Survival mode kicks in with lemon, ginger and honey, working together to help your immune system show no mercy.

Available in: 350ml and 750ml


Body Temple

Close your eyes, channel your inner peace and drift away to distant exotic lands… just ignore the kids yelling in the other room.

Take a deep breath and enjoy the delicious taste of apple, carrot, mango, orange, ginger & turmeric. Your body is your temple so create your own calm!

Available in: 750ml